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Orsie the Arabian Horse Color Reference Image

Orsie the Arabian Horse

In this lesson, “Orsie the Arabian Horse”, you will learn about blending colors and painting a captivating eye. This Arabian filly was born on our ranch in California in the late 1980s. This is a “3-Cookies” lesson.

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Kick the Cans with Pink Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Beginners

Kick the Cans with Pink Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Beginners

On this exciting episode, Ginger will show you how to bring a little “pink” into your life with acrylic paints. This is a “1 Cookie” lesson.

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YouTube Colorful Bird of Paradise Live Lesson Featured Image

How to Paint a Bird of Paradise Colorful Flower

Ginger will take you a colorful acrylic painting journey as she shows you how to paint an 8×10 “Bird of Paradise”. This is a “1 Cookie” lesson.

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Rainbow Peacock - Figurative Abstract Featured Image

Rainbow Peacock Feathers in a Figurative Abstract Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Ginger will be showing how to use acrylic paints to create this Rainbow Peacock Feathers in a Figurative Abstract. In this lesson, you will learn how to paint with a rainbow of colors and not create a “muddy” painting. This is a “1 Cookie” lesson.

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Country Meadow - Featured Image

Country Meadow

Ginger is teaching you to create a path that leads the viewer’s eyes throughout the painting. You will be creating a painting that shows depth by making the front flowers larger than the house that is at the end of the path. This is a great lesson that shows you how to blend the different...

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Child and Dog Country Road Ocean Vista Featured Image

Painting Wildflowers on a Country Lane with Girl and Dog

The original lesson without the “Girl and Dog” was presented on YouTube Live June 19, 2017. You will have the opportunity to watch that lesson right here on our website or you can jump right to the addition of the “Girl and Dog”. This is a “2 Cookies” lesson then add a cookie, “3 Cookies“, when...

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Brush Strokes - Back to Basics Featured Image

Brush Strokes – Back to Basics

Ginger will show you 5 different “things” that you will want your brush to be able to do. This lesson is broken down into each segment so you will be able to replay those brush strokes that are giving you a fit! This is a “1 Cookie” lesson.

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A Pair of Robins in a Snow Globe - Featured Image

How to Get Rid of Artist Block by Painting a Snow Globe with Cardinals

How to Get Rid of Artist Block, which can happen to any artist from time to time, is solved in this creative and funny acrylic information paced lesson filmed live. Colourful cardinals sit in a snow covered branch dusted by a light snowfall. This is a “1 Cookie” lesson.

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The Found Rusty Key - Color Reference

The Found Rusty Key

In this lesson, “The Found Rusty Key”, Ginger shows you how to use a limited palette to create this three dimensional acrylic painting that will a challenge even for our more seasoned artists. This is a “3 Cookies” lesson.

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Girl by the Sea - Featured Image

Color Mixing Shortcuts When Painting an Easy Seascape in Acrylics

Discover the value of of a bright magenta canvas before layering on blocks of dark purples, turquoise blues, oranges, and soft whites with bold easy to learn brush strokes in this charming impressionist’s style acrylic painting. This is a “1 Cookie” lesson.

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Flowers and Mailboxes by the Road Color Reference
Mardi Gras Red Mask 2017 - Featured Image
Lady's Reflection - Featured Image
Lilacs in the Window - Mary Cassatt - Featured Image
Cockatiel with Flowers - Featured Image
Cherries on a Cutting Board Still Life - Featured Image
Canadian Rockies - Featured Image
Ginger's Birthday Gift 2017 - Garden Pathway - Featured Image
Lilacs and Lemons in the Window - Featured Image