Colors of Summer

Inspired by cool aquamarine blues, warm golds, and emerald greens. These latest videos are the reflections of summer and an opportunity for you to learn some new skills.

Academy & YouTube Lesson News
If you have not enjoyed these latest releases from the Academy, now it the time to get out your paints and brushes be creative.
Personal Art Coaching News

This year's innovation of Video Personal Art Coaching has expedited member's painting skills and knowledge of acrylic painting. Don’t wait for months and struggle with your painting. Ginger is here to help you.

Tips before you send in your artwork.
1. Take a good photo straight on and squared up. The Tech Bear will be releasing a video soon on his YouTube channel,, in case you need help doing photographing your artwork.

2. ALWAYS send Ginger a reference photo on original pieces. This means if you found the painting on Pinterest and just wanted to copy it, send her the picture. It is legal for your personal use to copy anything, and Ginger can help you with paint it. 

3.  Check you painting first as a black and white image and make sure that your painting in black and white is like the one you are copying in black and white. This is what we mean by looking for light and dark balance.

4. Put the tile of the painting on the top of the ticket. (Not "PAC Please" or "Painting #1", describe the picture)

5. Check the boxes. If you would like to have your finished painting (after PAC) considered for posting on Pinterest,  you must check that box. 

6. On the ticket tell the size of what you are painting and the surface you are painting on.
We are adding a new box to check; “I am having a bad day and just need a pat on the back, no PAC at this time.“ This does not preclude you from sending this painting to me later when you are feeling better. 
Student of the Month - August 2018
Our student of the Month is Barry Davies from "across the pond" in the UK who joined the Academy in June of 2016. Forbidden to paint or draw as a child by parents who strongly disapproved, Barry’s artwork is not only amazing as he continues to surprise and delight us with Wave & Water Master Class masterpieces and Video Lesson Library paintings. Here are a few examples.

Barry is a classic example of the saying “It is never too late to do what you love.” 
Downloadable Lesson News

Back to Basics Series 1

Our newest Downloadable series: Back to Basics - Series 1 with 24 videos is a must have for your reference library of videos.

THIS MUST HAVE SERIES of basic acrylic techniques consists of 24 downloadable own forever tutorials on the kind of brush strokes, color mixing and blending techniques every acrylic artist should master. From 15 minute short exercises to over an hour long step by step tutorials, Ginger and I feel it an excellent series and everyone will want to add series of tutorials to their personal library. You can own this set of 24 videos for $49.95 (Academy members get a 30% discount just ask us for personalized code before purchasing)

Look what people are saying who bought it already:
Susan A. said a week ago...
Love this. Way to modify on the fly! That’s why I’ll keep renewing my membership, buying these, and recommending your tutorials to family and friends; you go above and beyond, with a smile.
Ginger Auction News

Our monthly auction is coming to an end on July 31st at 11:59 pm central time. You don't want to miss this opportunity to own a Ginger Cook original and this month, we also have a Daniel Elliott original painting that was created during a live YouTube show. Head over to our auction website before these two paintings find a new home this is not yours!

We will be having a new "large" auction starting sometime in August, so be sure to check the auction website often.

Private Clubhouse - Facebook Group
Bookshelf - A Still Life - Color Reference

Our Private Facebook club is being opened for up to 750 new members. Join before the door closes again. Ginger and I will be posting our travel photos and adventures, latest releases, shout-outs about the artists that are inspiring us, and Ginger's blog. Learn more at

Our seven volunteer moderators not only keep the Clubhouse running smoothly, but have created albums of the posted artwork from club members as well as links to current lessons in the Academy and on Youtube. A big thanks to Becky, Judy, Liz, Michelle, Mona, Tonia, and Wendi.

Ginger's Birthday Bash Cruise - 2019

We are excited that over 32 of you will be joining us in 2019 for Ginger's Birthday Bash Caribbean Cruise out of Galveston January 27, 2019. We hope to be painting and while not a workshop, as we are not charging any extra fees, space is limited for this unique meet up on the high seas, where fun and fabulous new adventures await us.

Royal Caribbean has promised our group a private open bar cocktail party and hopefully workspace to be creative. I am bringing my painting and 6x8 canvas and maybe some 8x10 canvas and will do demos, and answer questions, and possibly other "things". How about some Personal Art Coaching of your artwork if you bring it, art hugs, throw in some "giveaways", and a special Ginger Cook surprise gift for each artist attending.

Use the Contact Us for more information. Don't delay, because we have limited spaces available.

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This email might have shown up in your "spam" or "junk" folder, and one way to help us show up in your "inbox" would be to add our email address,"", to your email Contacts. 

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Newsletter Updates
Final Thoughts
One last comment from me...We love the support that we received in our Facebook group about the individual that made a comment about our work ethics. That was the LAST comment like that we will be sharing and we are taking a ZERO-TOLERANCE stand these type of comments going forward. That means that we will delete the offending comment and band the person making the comment if possible. This same policy applies during any of our live presentations as well. The moderators have been informed to take a hard stand.

Again, the entire "staff" at Ginger Cook Studios would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and enthusiasm to learn to paint with acrylics one brushstroke at a time.

Ginger, Jon, Sammy, Chester, and Ellie
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