It's Time to Climb the Mountain!

Can you believe that another year has come and gone? We have added a lot of new lessons to the Academy's libraries and have a lot more planned for the coming years. We have great ideas for the future as well.

Silver Membership Renewal

This email comes to you as a reminder that your Silver Membership is coming up for renewal. As you may remember, each of you has to be invoiced individual because you renew at the original price that you signed up with.

We have also decided to offer a 3-month payment plan because we have realized that most of you renew in the month of December and that might be a strain on the purse strings. So, our little gift to you is if you'd like to pay over 3 months, just let us know so when we invoice you, you will have that option.

As a side note, some of you had not signed up for our newsletter, so I added you because I am hoping that you will receive this all-important email and I apologize if you did not want to sign up for the newsletter, but it's the only way I have to communicate with you.

Changes to Downloadables

New Credit System

We have been adding "Wave & Water" tutorials and other complex/lengthy lessons to the downloadable library, and because of these changes, we have decided to implement a "credit" system for your "bonus" lessons.

If you are a member of either the Video Lesson Library (VLL) or the Wave & Water (WW) tutorials, you will have 12-Credits when you renew, and if you are a member of both, you will have 24-Credits.

You will see shortly a "credit" value to be used to redeem a lesson on the downloadable website, Most, but not all lessons, that are under $50 will be just 1-credit just like in the past.

We will be adding a lot more lessons to this website and we still have a special lesson just you that will not be available to the general public for at least a year after it's release to you!

We Need to Hear from You and We Want Your Opinion

We have come to the end of this quick little email but we have to ask you to please let us hear from you! We need to hear from EVERYONE of you because space is limited for this special Silver Membership and we have other people that would like to join if you are not renewing. Currently, we are at capacity and cannot accept any more members in this exclusive "club".

We have created a form for you to let us know if you'd like to renew, want to use the 3-month payment option and then a little something special that you will see on the form.

Right now, go to and let us hear from you. Should take you less than 5-minutes to complete our little form. So, do it now!
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