The year is slipping by and we have not sent you a newsletter in quite awhile. So, here is the latest news with the "going ons" at the Academy!

Ginger Cook's Auction Website of her Original Paintings
There is an Auction happening NOW!
Ginger has over 70 items currently up for auction! We have only so much wall space and Ginger is painting 30 to 40 paintings a month. Now, you can own an original "Ginger Cook" work of art at wholesale prices. Check it out today!
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Some samples of the paintings currently up for auction.
Private Facebook Group
The Ginger Cook Acrylic Painting Club
Let's clear things up about our Private Facebook Group. If you are a current member of the Facebook before we reached 4,000 Members, which we have achieved, then you will always be a member of the group...unless you break a rule :>). 

If you were a member of the Academy before we reached 4,000 and are a member of the Facebook group, you will NOT be removed if you drop out of the Academy.
But, if you are not a member of our Private Facebook group before we reached 4,000, and want to join after that time, the only way that you will be able to join in, will be to join our Online Acrylic Art Academy, and as long as you are an active member of the Academy, you will be able to stay in the Private Facebook group. If you drop your academy membership, you will also be dropped from the Facebook group.
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Awesome Academy New Lessons for Spring (Present & Future) from “1-Cookie” to a “Box of Cookies”
We are adding a lot of new lessons this year, with some original designs by Ginger and some from the "Old Dead Guys & Gals". Being apart of the Academy, you also have access to Personal Art Coaching by Ginger. 
Introducing Personal Art Coaching 2.0
New to our Personal Art Coaching is Ginger's VIDEO remarks with "show and tell" as she shows you on her computer the recommended changes.
When applicable, Ginger will create a private video recording, and you will hear her as if she was sitting right next to you as she views your painting. Sometimes she will demonstrate with her digital painting programs the concepts and suggestions that she is talking about in the video. 
You will not only HEAR her suggestions, but you will also be able to SEE specifically what she talking about so you can implicate them in your painting. Here are a couple of comments from our members.
From AB: So about the video PAC! OMG! It was like Ginger was right in the room with me! I was smiling the whole time and when she said my name - wow!!! I have been fortunate to have met a handful or two of celebrities through my son’s career as a musician, and I am always star struck. It was no different when I heard Ginger say my name! She is a star! Thank you, Ginger! 
From G.L.: Thanks Ginger, this was amazing! I love the video format! I know exactly what to do! You can take a look at this Video PAC,
From J.C.: Awww. Thanks, Ginger Cook. You've made a huge positive impact on my life from your tutorials and PAC. I feel like I have personal goals for my life after several years of wandering aimlessly.
The Karen Little Scholarship Fund
To Our Scholarship Supporters..."Thank You!"

Without the financial support of our members of both the Online Academy of Fine Art and Acrylic Painting and our YouTube Channel, we would not be able to offer the level of lessons that we do or be able to provide scholarships to so many that need a helping hand. With the donations this past month, we have been able to:

We gave scholarships to over 16 artists thanks to the remarkable contributions of generous patrons of the Academy who want to give a leg up to artists who need a little help. We would love to be able to do more this year with your help. We have a donation button for the "Karen Little Scholarship Fund" on the home page of our website. You can tell us how you would like the donations to be used or if you have a specific person in mind.

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The Tech Bear YouTube Channel
Sammy has been Busy!
This has one been a busy little bear with some of the new videos for the Facebook group and more for Ginger's websites. Be sure to check out The Tech Bear's YouTube channel and subscribe so you never miss a new video.
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Auction Website for Ginger Cook Original Paintings
"Ginger Cook's Auction Website and How It Works" Sammy will give you a walk through the Auction website, so you will be ready to make that winning bid on a Ginger Cook original painting.

"Signing Up at Ginger Cook Live dot Gallery - A Walk Through on Signing Up" In this video, Sammy shows you how to sign-up on the main Academy website,

"Navigating Website - Online Academy of Fine Art and Acrylic Painting" In this video, Sammy shows you the in's and out's to the Academy's main website.
New Newsletter Program
Well, here we are after a very long "pause" in sending out emails. We wanted to find a better solution and bring it more in-house so we could communicate with you more often. We have a lot of great plans for this year and we want to make sure that you stay informed. 

This email might have shown up in your "spam" or "junk" folder, and one way to help us show up in your "inbox" would be to add our email address,"", to your email Contacts. 

Also, at any time, you can modify your subscription or unsubscribe from this newsletter. We offer several different categories as well, so if you only want to hear from us about specific topics, such as the Auctions, or Facebook, for example, just select the categories that interest you.
Newsletter Updates
The entire "staff" at Ginger Cook Studios would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and enthusiasm to learn to paint with acrylics.

Ginger, Jon, Sammy, Chester, and Ellie
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